Wife Cheating? The Best Cell Phone Spy Software App Lets You Watch (Secretly)

best mobile spy software app.

Watch your wife cheat. Secretly. In all her glory,

Is your Wife Faithful? The Best Mobile Spy App in the World Lets You Watch

I bet you love lesbian action. Admit it.

There’s scientific proof, so don’t take my word on it. According to Observer, 78 Billion views of the internet had gone to porn– with 90% of it being burnt in lesbian escapedes.  An exception exists. One type of lesbian action – you’d never like to witness.

Your wife. Having sex. With another girl.

Unless of course, you’re the type who gets off with that kind of thing.

It hurts the male pride to know that you’re simply not equipped to satisfy her. Worse, she gets off, not with a guy, but with another girl.

Your recourse? A divorce. But you need proof.

The challenge is- private investigators are expensive. You can rack up a bill to the thousands just to dig up the evidence you need.

So why not do it yourself?

cell phone spy sofwtare

She never knew her phone caught the bar tender on her

Highster Mobile: Enter the shadowy world of cell phone software spying.

Did you know that with your phone, you can upload software and track the whereabouts of your wife? The sneaky, furtive subterfuge is enabled by an app created by Highster Mobile. While some would question the issues of privacy invasion, it works like bonkers. And hell, I got such a rush.

It was last year when my friend demoed Highster Mobile spy app. It used an OTA (over-the-air)  installation and deployed the electronic James Bond on a test phone over a slow internet connection. Yep- the wifi was terrible, but the app penetrated the target phone and it took a second to activate the clandestine recording.

I was aghast: text messages, phone calls, GPS location, emails, social media, browser history, photos, videos and more- all that started to stream in.

The test phone was no biggie so I found some willing victims among my friends (without their knowledge, of course).  It was no sweat. 2 hours was all it took and I read all the downright nasty stuff their phones.

Can you imagine a powerful sense of omnipotence from this? Imagine the mind games you can play with this tech.

Me: “Hey Rob! I know what you ate last night with Melinda”

Rob:“Yeah? What”

Me: “Well, I can tell you it wasn’t food”

Rob: “WTF! Oh my god man!”

spy phone

Know what happens when you’re gone?

I was giddy with my new cell phone spying app program. It was like being Sean Connery- all I needed was the Glock 9mm.

With Highster Mobile cell phone spy I can pretty much dig every activity squirreled away on the compromised device. I could track its whereabouts, social media threads, Skype conferences and Whatsapp chats. Everything went under my control and supervision. All I had to do was install the app and within minutes , began siphoning hidden data to Highster Mobile secure servers.

Did that all sound so high tech and flabbergasting? Let me show you the interface- far friendlier than Microsoft Word!

Check that out- the world’s most advanced cellular spy looks like Facebook! So easy, even granny would grin through her false teeth!

highster mobile


And here’s the good stuff: pilfered messages, videos and racy pictures off the mobile phone. Damn.

highster mobile cell spy

So simple, my chihuahua can eat it

Do you love online dating sites- like Tinder?

Imagine the possibilities of having the best cell phone spy software at your beck and call. Fire up the program and deploy in the phone of the lady you admire. You’ll know what she wants, what she needs, when she wants it. That’s power. You’ll read her mind with your handy friend!.

Is This Mobile Spying Tool Worth It?

You bet. It’s not cheap though. On the official cell phone spy site, this amazing baby costs $69 for a lifetime license and a year’s worth of updates. Still- it’s worth it. You’ll know when your wife banged the janitor on that last business trip. Check out the software here. In my opinion, it’s the best cell phone spy software bar none.

The problem is the price. Or is it?

But wait. Here’s good news.

You can get a 6 month free working copy right here! No strings attached. No credit card required or anything to take you away from your future as Bond. James Bond.

Is there a catch? None. All we ask is that you share this page on twitter with the hashtag #caught and #spying



Highster Mobile is the next best thing to a hidden camera. Like this one: