Rank your site with social signals The Internet’s First Social Signal Service Campaign Experts When online businesses demand to go viral, there’s only one company that can meet that need. Spectrum Social. We’ve been in the social signals services and online media marketing game since Facebook entered the arena. We’ve excelled at getting new product launches viral on any platform, whether it be via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN or Facebook. Organic Rankings skyrocket with Social Signals The search engines tip their hat to sites that have incurred likes, shares and views. Social activity indicate site stickiness and this is a better ranking factor than spammy backlinks and contrived SEO. Several client sites have hit the first page of Bing and Google with just 2 backlinks. How? By having their business go front and center on the top social networks. How We Execute Your Social Signal Campaign It’s easy. We do it manually and with paid advertising. Both tactics get your product, idea or service into the very social limelight that Google adores. Attack #1 Paid Advertising
  • We run creative ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to get virality. This takes 2 weeks,
  • We execute Youtube video ads that generate a storm of views and ultimate redirects to your site. This takes two weeks
Our campaigns incur rabid reshare and commenting that a typical ad collateral can hit 100 reshares in 5 minutes. Here’s a sample of one social campaign. social marketing campaigns Attack #2 Organic Campaigns Once paid ads have taken traction, we exploit the bandwagon effect by tapping opinion leaders and social influencers. For those not aware of the bandwagon effect:
The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon whereby the rate of uptake of beliefs, ideas, fads and trends increases the more that they have already been adopted by others. In other words, the bandwagon effect is characterized by the probability of individual adoption increasing with respect to the proportion who have already done so. As more people come to believe in something, others also “hop on the bandwagon” regardless of the underlying evidence. The tendency to follow the actions or beliefs of others can occur because individuals directly prefer to conform, or because individuals derive information from others. Both explanations have been used for evidence of conformity in psychological experiments. For example, social pressure has been used to explain Asch’s conformity experiments, and information has been used to explain Sherif’s autokinetic experiment.
Spectrum Social has allied with giants in the social networking world- we know celebrities, politicians and business leaders with strong following online. Once we give the go signal, these social gods merely mention or shout out a new product launch and their hundreds of thousands of followers  pick up on the idea. Can you already imagine the power  of that? You will go viral. This can be you:
social power

How many of your posts have just 5 likes and 2 shares?

Make That Decision and get Your Company Famous You don’t have to take our word for it. Fire up Majestic, Ahrefs or  SharedCount. We’ve used our tactics on our homesite and that of all our assets- and you can see how we’ve gone viral. Our expertise is renowned that we provide white label social signals services to several independent SEO companies. Step back and look at the big picture.Can you handle the fame? Contact us today Are you Popular? Make Money With Us! You can generate a hefty income if you control a strong online presence. Sign up with us as one of our social partners. All you have to do is share our campaigns with your followers. Minimum criteria:
  • 300,000+ followers on your social account
  • Klout score of 65 and above.