Depostifix Email

Hey Marcus and George.

I recently came across your latest Hubcast episode where you talk about our product DepositFix.

It was exciting to hear you mention it!

As a little gift, I’d like to offer an extended 60 days trial (usually it’s 15) for your customers and listeners.

To get the offer they’d need to signup on and send us an email to [email protected] and mention “Sales Lion” and I’ll take care of it.

HubSpot Strategy

Michael Stelzner Interview

Michael Stelzner

The Journey

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HubSpot Updates

Traffic Analytics And Save to Dashboard

George eats crow again!

Traffic Analytics HubSpot

Reply to Emails from Timelines in HubSpot


Sales is all about efficiency. The more time you spend switching between systems, the less time you have to build helpful relationships with your prospects and customers.

Previously in HubSpot, email replies were logged in your CRM. But if you wanted to actually respond to those replies — let’s face it, how many email chains are only two emails long? — you were forced to leave your CRM, open up your inbox, track down that email, open it, type your reply, log your reply from there, and then return to your CRM to continue your day. Too many steps.

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Introducing Facebook Audience Sync

HubSpot ads Addon

Audience Sync, a new feature of HubSpot’s Ads Add-On, makes it easy for marketers to extend the reach of their targeted marketing efforts beyond just their email campaigns and out to the world’s largest social network.

With just a few clicks, you can start syncing your smart lists to audiences on Facebook’s advertising platform to retarget and nurture existing contacts in your funnel, or run ads to generate targeted new leads.

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Smart Images for Blog Articles & ABM

I realize it can affect RSS feeds and SEO, but we need the ability to make images “smart” based on the domain of a visitor.

We are starting an ABM campaign, and want the hero shot to be swapped out based on the domain of the visitor so that when the articles are shared by the sales team with our leads, they see images relevant to their company.

What do you think of Soapbox by Wistia?

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