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What if your brand new site got swamped with traffic

Reddit is the darling of the internet. A well-placed article on this gargantuan site can crush your website with converting traffic. The problem is, denizens of this social web can ban you faster than you can post.

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Now before you even begin, let’s look at a bit of Reddit Advertising 101.

Redditors adore matters which are exceptional, humorous, fascinating, cunning and brave. Contrary to other social websites, Reddit is not about who your friends are – so being BFFs with the highest-rank Digg member means nothing here. Ad: reverse phone search

On Reddit Almost anything and everything goes. Based on data from Ignite, most Reddit users are male, between the ages of 35-44 (with 25-34 year olds not far behind), and with income amounts typically around $25,000-$50,000 per year. Most Redditors have a bachelor’s degree or at least some college education, as well as the overwhelming bulk of their users come from the U.S. (in particular San Francisco and Seattle) with Canada (Toronto) a close second.

Reddit’s traffic has grown steadily since 2006.

As of June 2011, Reddit’s traffic strike almost two million unique visitors.

Reddit users spend hours on the website, and they are constantly trying to find something to click on. That being said if you are going to post a link, proceed and post the entire, precise thing but make sure it’s worth a read. Post droll items and you’ll get banned. Or laughed at. Many marketers die on Reddit.

Overall, the easiest way to get the most out of reddit would be to socialize. Post unbelievable pictures, videos, request assistance or ideas (and be ready for responses you may not have anticipated!) . Upvote related remarks (by pressing the orange arrow beside each opinion or place), and leave your own opinions.

Upvoting is what helps your content get to the very top of the stack. It is the same as other social media features (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) in that the more you have, the higher your post will go and maybe make it to the front page. When your article hits the first page, any associated hyperlink can receive millions of views in a day. Many sites on CDN would even fail.

Using Subreddits Efficiently.

There are a few instances where the subreddit you are interested in is a bit TOO targeted. Like /r/copywriting . There is not much activity happening in there (likely because it seems too much like work!) but /r/starcraft, /r/gaming and /r/politics are absolutely overflowing with entries and so – traffic.

Bearing this in your mind, and when your subject is important, you might be able to wedge it into one of the more comprehensive (traffic-getting) subreddit groups. For example:

/r/todayilearned – These entries begin with TIL for Now I Learned… For those who have some fascinating tidbit or factoid of news that will attract a sizable group of people, this is the greatest location for it. Present top trending TILs contain: TIL about Adam Rainer, the single man in recorded history ever to have been both a dwarf plus a giant.. Or, TIL Titanic survivors were charged $1 per word to send telegrams from their lifeboat. One guy used his last dollar to send the word ‘Safe’ to his mom

/r/askreddit – This really is really where it is possible to inquire the masses of Reddit their thoughts and views on almost anything. Examples include: What’s the right response to “what’s your greatest weakness” in a job interview? And In Case your computer could speak, what would yours say about you?. Beware that if you are on the squeamish side, you might not need to read a number of the questions.

/r/IAMA – Uncommon professions and scenarios are observed at IAMA. Present entries contain everyone from paleontologists to pushcart sellers. In the event you have or ever had an intriguing profession or history – this is actually the spot for you.

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